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AVATTAVA is a pioneering technology association that merges creativity and functionality to redefine technological excellence. Achieving success in the XIX century is virtually impossible without the use of modern technology. Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain technology and Cloud technology are indistinguishable from the word “technology”.

We provide the right mindset and technological tools for our members to network and collaborate on our carefully selected digital and electronic projects. When asked why they joined our technology association, they mention the support they receive as part of our community, despite the effort required to achieve such impressive results.

Technology in Education

We believe in the power of technology to educate people and make them strive towards success. Advances in technologies to support learning are among the most dramatic developments, as they have led to big changes in many aspects of our lives. Education has undergone major changes due to the integration of technology.

Technology is a powerful tool that is changing the way how students learn. New developments in technology across all industries have helped to connect people despite long distances, especially in the education sector.

AVATTAVA Technology Association pioneering futuristic Design and Functionality

“Cyborgs do not worship the Kosmos… not yet.”

Cyborg is not the same thing as bionic, bio-robot or an android, the concept of cyborg applies to an organism that has a restored function or enhanced abilities due to the integration of some artificial component and or technology: prostheses, artificial organs, implants or wearable gadgets.

Cyborg technologies may enable or support a broader and collective intelligence. While cyborgs are commonly thought of as humans due to our egocentric and often humanoid vision of the Cosmos, they might also be any kind of organism and we even allow them to join our technology association, as long as they behave well.

Nowadays, there are tech-driven solutions that blend the physical and digital worlds. Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence AI and extended reality XR are making this possible.

The use of extended reality technologies is creating an incredibly immersive experience that allows for a wider audience to connect with one another.

Those AI and XR technologies allow a deeper level of interaction and communication, amplifying new ways of teaching and revealing new methods of learning inside and outside the classroom.

Technology Association in France

Today, technology has become a dominant topic of conversation in our daily lives, not just politics, religion or football. A lot of our conversations are moving towards technology, in some way.

We can compute everywhere with shared services in the Cloud. The future is on the components and security protocols that bring you the data, the information that you need, according to your geolocation.

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